It’s Star Wars Day!!!!!

CrAzY !

Katie Fitz is Fit

May The 4th Be With You!

🙂  Haha, yes, I like Star Wars…I even went to see all the originals when they re-released them in theaters – before that Jar Jar Binks BS.  I am also lucky enough, thanks to my Dad, to enjoy Star Trek!

I’m pumped for this to come out!  Plus…Chris Fine…I mean Chris Pine…..HOTTTTTT with that many “t’s”….it’s required.  Don’t judge.

I’m a nerd at heart and I don’t try to cover it up.  It’s pretty fun being a nerd.  You know lots of random information and lots of fun facts that when you tell your friends they’re like….”um…you’re weird, how do you know that?”.  I actually like to believe that most of the reason I know so many random things is because I read so much…..that’s typically where you will learn new information.  Funny how that works.

Today is a rest day – and for…

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