The Benefits of Napping


Escenas del Shelbz

I took a nap yesterday. The first one I’ve taken in a while. What usually happens to prevent me from napping is that time is a bitch. I have too much to do. Not to mention, even if I didn’t have too much to do, there would still be too much going on to close my eyes before bedtime.

Yesterday, around six, though, I did manage to close my eyes for a little bit. I should probably preface this by saying I was at my girlfriend’s house. There’s this little gap between sleeping and waking where paralysis sets in, but you still have full control over your brain. You can hear and smell and think whatever the hell you want, but that’s the extent of your consciousness. During this little gap, my girlfriend’s mom called her. I heard movements out of the corner of my ear, and then her mom…

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